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The Stephen Freeman Award

Rotary Club of Middlebury, Vermont


This award is given in recognition of distinctive life and service, exemplifying Rotary goals and values.

The award is presented to non-Rotarians (individuals or couples) who do not receive compensation for their service.

A biography of Dr. Freeman follows this list of recipients.


  Year              Recipient(s)

  2024             Jutta Miska

  2023             Not awarded

  2022             Not awarded

  2021              Rita Glidden

  2020              Not awarded

  2019              Michael G. (Mickey) Heinecken

  2018              Teresa Churchill

  2017              Harold Strassner

  2016              Sarah Demong Stahl

  2015              Penny Beach

  2014              Peter James


  2012             John Derrick



  2009              Ron Sunderland

  2008              Gale Hurd

  2007              Dottie Neuberger      

                        American Legion

  2006              F. Joyce Haggarty      

                        Debra Anderson       

                        Douglas Anderson

  2005              Not Awarded

  2004              Not Awarded

  2003              Janet Fredericks        

                        Ken Perine       

                        Tom Verner

  2002              Malcolm Chase        

                        Pat Chase

  2001              Carol Green        

                        Harvey Green

  2000              Margaret (Peg) F. Martin

  1999              Abbott Thayer Fenn        

                       James D. Ross

  1998              Linda Burdett         

                        Ernest Doria

  1997              Kathy Caswell         

                        Linda Waterman

  1996              Stanley K. James        

                        Roch MacIntyre

  1995              Timothy F. Buskey         

                        Kathleen P. Mackey

  1994              Alice Perine         

                        Gordon Perine

  1993              George T. Murdoch         

                        Anne V. Ginevan

  1992              George W. Foster

  1991              William W. Murphy        

                        Mary Murphy         

                        Marion J. Munford

  1990              John C. Eckels Jr.         

                        Carol J. Eckels

  1989              Col. Joseph Whitehorne

  1988              Hubert N. Wagner          

                        Dayton G. Wakefield


Stephen Albert Freeman was born May 9, 1898. He was educated at Brown University and Harvard University and came to teach at Middlebury College in 1925.  His field was the French language and he eventually became Dean of the French School. In Hillcrest Hall he supervised the creation of the first language lab. He was director of the College’s Language School from 1947-1970. In 1943 he was promoted to Vice-President of Middlebury College and served several short terms as Acting-President.

Stephen joined Rotary November 11, 1942 and was inducted into the club by John Weeks. He received the Paul Harris Award in 1964. During his tenure he presided over the induction of most new members coming into the Middlebury Club. Stephen was deeply committed to the work of the Salvation Army. His wife’s name was Marjorie. He died in 1999 at the age of 101.