Posted on Mar 15, 2023
Middlebury Rotary Club has some exciting news! 
First off, we would like to congratulate our fellow Rotarian and past President Betsy on the birth of her TWINS!! Please welcome to the world Ava (on the right) and Maggie. This picture was taken a few months ago. Maybe some future Rotarians?
Second, in honor of International Women's month we would like to recognise all the women in our club. Did you know that it was only just in 1987 that the supreme court ruled that women were allowed to join Rotary ? We are lucky enough to have several women among our ranks. They are volunteers, entrepreneurs, business owners, embody all of Rotary's strengths and celebrate Rotary's Four Way Test in their day to day lives . Pictured left to right we have Rebecca, Sylvie, Lyn, Nancy, Lizzie, Judy and Liz. Not pictured, but still prominent members, we have Maureen, Betsy, Heather, Veronica, Ellie, and Cari.  
And last but not least, on March 1st the Middlebury Rotary Club celebrated its 96th anniversary. It was by far one of the best gatherings we've had in a while, with members old and new congregating to celebrate the years that we have been a club. The count down to the 100th anniversary begins now!