Posted on Jan 05, 2023
Yesterday we invited the Middlebury Highschool Football & Volley Ball coaches to come and speak at our meeting, and in tow were a few of the students on both teams. Amanda, the assistant coach of the Volley Ball team, along with two of her players, described their rise through the ranks in Vermont's youth Volley Ball leagues from a clipboard of signatures to a junior varsity team. Dennis, the coach of the Middlebury Highschool Varsity Football team described his love of the sport, his job, and the pride he has for his players. 
Up next in club business, we inducted a new member and we are so pleased to welcome Veronica to our club! 
(Pictured below- new member Veronica, flanked by club member and Assistant District Governor Jason and President Elect John, Veronica's sponsor)
The new year has brought quite an expansion in our club, and we are so happy to welcome all of our new members from the last few months. 
Pictured below:
Club member Eric, new member Ellie, President Spence, Asst. District Governor Jason, new member Veronica, President Elect John, new members Liz and Jason, Sergent-at-arms Ben and Alex (not pictured)