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June 21st - Rosie's - Ron Hallman
(Monday) June 26th - Change Over Dinner | Hollander's 
PRESIDING: Spence Putnam
MINUTES OF June 14th, 2023 
  • Jackson Moody
  • Liam Hickey 
  • Nanette Carpenter 
  • Paul Seward 
  • Bill Brooks 
  • Ben Fuller 
Rotary Anniversary:
  • John Barstow - 4 years
  • Kevin: Golf Tournament
    • Thank you to everyone who helped! Kevin individually recognized everyone who volunteered and the great success for this year's event. 
    • Under Rotary - there were 25 teams (23 were paid teams), 41 Tee Sponsors, 6 Sponsor teams did not play, and lots of mulligans sold
    • Under Rotary, about $21,730 was raised and there was a net of around $18,000 (subtracting expenses). This does not include how much ACHHH raised and their expenses.  
  • Spence: Change Over - June 26th 
    • Monday, June 26th at 5:30 p.m. | Hollander Residence - ​​400 Halladay Road
    • If you believe you have had a “Perfect Attendance” - please email Spence so you can be recognized at the event
    • Perfect Attendance Definition: 
      • Regular meeting attendance
      • Make-up attendance at Rotary meetings elsewhere
      • Participation in service projects
      • Participation in committee work.
  • Liz Marino- Youth Exchange 
    • We are excited to welcome Sem from the Netherlands! 
    • 3 host families have been identified, including Buzz - we are excited about this! 
  • Rebecca: Project Graduation
    • Thank you to everyone who helped, it was a great turn out serving Burgers/Hot Dogs to the graduation class. Everyone was grateful! 
  • John Barstow: Justice Elijah
    • John and his wife recently started a GoFundMe to support Justice, who spoke to the group a few months ago. She is an AmeriCorp Vista who has done great work in the community and has her own LLC supporting DEI efforts. If you are interested, please reach out to John. 
  • Spence - thank you note from the Opera Company
Fines and Happy Dollars:
  • Fran - Wrong Name Tag 
  • Liz M - Late (Wrong Location) 
  • Maureen - late, but brought a guest 
  • Ben - fined by Jack for being late
Happy Dollars: 
  • Nancy was excited and happy about her granddaughter's graduation and recognized Project Grad, all the kids were so thankful!
  • Rebecca dittoed the Project Grad event 
  • Heather was happy about graduation and too see all the young students excel
  • Jason was happy about his son's graduation from high school 
  • T- was excited to see Nanette at Rotary 
  • Buzz zoomed with the incoming exchange student’s family and is excited to be involved
  • Jack grandson graduated from high school 
  • Eric -hats off to Rebecca for doing all the planning and background work for Project Grad (ordered food, set up, etc) (Rebecca is very modest!)
  • Spence’s grandson plays in Addison United Soccer and they went undefeated 
  • David - June’s Opera production just ended and it went very well
  • Rebecca - Grace graduated from 5th grade and is going to Middle School next year
Guests : Jackson and Liam from Middlebury Area Land Trust (MALT) 

Jackson moved here from Asheville, NC as an AmeriCorp Vista and is interested in Conservation Education, Volunteering and the Environment. He will be leaving at the end of June to join a organization in Washington State doing Conservation Work. Liam is a the new Trails and Volunteer Coordinator and is excited to join the team! He is originally from the Thousand Islands area in NY. 

Liam talked about he will be managing the trails at the TAM and portions of the North Country Trail. He went on to talk about the success of MALT through the past 30 years of dedicated volunteers to have helped build bridges and structures to keep the trails maintained and safe. As the 1st paid staff to maintain the trails, he hopes to update all the structures that were put in place 20-30 years ago, while maintaining the art and dedication to previous volunteers (Al Stiles).

Jackson talked about a few programs MALT hosts over the year/summer. Through a new grant, MALT will be able to host a after-school program for middle schoolers. They will focus on the trades and include masonry, carpentry, and alternative pathways for youth. Additionally, the have several summer programs. During these programs, kids learn how to build a fire, fort for safety, and about plants/conservation. MALT also works closely with Mary Hogan for their programs at Battell Woods and partners with TVT to bring students there for free. 

Jackson and Liam talked about their newest location that will be going live in the Fall - Salisbury Mill. Once this is ready, there will be 2-3 miles of trail network on 70 acres of land. They are working on the trail part now and there will be signage of the old remains from the mill (textiles and more). There will be a designated parking area and they are currently working on this. They will be looking for volunteers soon to help with this location that will consist of heaving brush clearing, carpentry, etc. 

They talked a little about Buck Mountain in Waltham. They are working with the private owners on a conversation easement and protect the rest of the corridor to the summit. A lot of work and conversations have happened around Buck Mt and this is now in the public phase to provide public access while supporting its conservation efforts. 

Jackson and Liam thanked Rotary for their CACO grant and have already started purchasing tools and protective equipment for volunteers.

Thank you Jackson and Liam! 
Cow Tag: #47 (Tim!)