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  • September 13th - Rosie's 
PRESIDING: John Barstow
MINUTES OF September 6th, 2023 
Birthdays:  T-tall and Lyn 
Wedding Anniversary: Neil - 53 years 
Rotary Anniversary - Uli 
Larry Jones
Fred Kenney
Mark Friis


  • Announcement:
    • T-tall announced that Cathy McCormick, 67 passed away on August 20th. Most Rotarians knew her as Cathy Trudell who did Customer Relations for the National Bank of Middlebury and past Middlebury Rotary President 2010-2011. (Moment of Silence)
  • Bocce Tournament
    • John B requested a club vote to spend $550 to sponsor the event ($300) and two teams at $125/ team. The Finance Committee approves costs $500 and below – so this was brought to a club vote. Ben made a motion to approve the $550 and Heather seconded the motion. The request was unanimously approved.
    • Teams- Geoff and Neil will each be leading a team
  • Window Dressers
    • $200 was approved to help cover the costs of additional window inserts needed for folks in Middlebury that did not get one last fall. A group in Charlotte will be doing this and we are looking for volunteers to help with these inserts during the first week of November (Thank you Spence, David, Lyn)
  • ACCT Housing Rocks – John B
    • Live music, food, and fun on the Town Green in Middlebury, all to support ACCT and our affordable housing programs! Friday, September 15th, 2023 from  4:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. at the Middlebury Town Green
  • Heather – Dues are Due!
    • If you did not receive an invoice or have questions – please reach out to Heather.
  • Hands to Honduras:  Spence
    • There is a current volunteer opportunity next month to go down and help with Tom Plumb’s project. Tom has raised millions of dollars to help build schools, classrooms, and wells for public water. One of the latest projects was to build a classroom dedicated to Maggie Quinn. If you are interested in learning more, reach out to Spence.  (No building experience is needed)
  • HOPE – Geoff
    • The next distribution will be on September 14th from 12-4 p.m. in Shoreham (if you are interested, please email Geoff)
  • Exchange Student Program – Liz M
    • Sem has been great so far! Liz is determined to see more exchange students in the District and is hoping Sem will be a great ambassador to help with this. Thank you, Liz!
  • RYLA Students – Jason S
    • Jason is hoping to have 2 students come speak to the group on September 20th.
  • Service Projects – Jason L
    • Lindale Project will take place on Saturday, September 23rd doing mulch and the basketball court. Please see email from Jason
    • The Milk and Honey Quilters Guild is in need of help with Quilt Show . The set up will be on Friday, October 6th and the event closes at 3 p.m on Sunday, October 8th
  • Annual Auction – Mike and Ellie
    • Rotary Auction Sign up Sheet - Google Sheets is live and once you have signed up, you may start your solicitations. Please see Mike to get new brochures and gift cards. When using Rotary gift cards when the donor does not have one of their own, they must be filled out entirely and signed by the donor!
    • The Auction will take place from October 9th – October 22nd and the goal is to increase the total raised from $11,000 --> $15,000
Fines and Happy Dollars:
  • Late – Ben, John M, Jason S
    John B – shameless plug for ACCT and recognized in the Addy Indy
Happy Dollars: 
  • Nancy was happy to have Larry join the meeting and happy about her recent vacation through National Bank of Middlebury’s New Horizon Tour. She also thanked everyone for the flags
  • Bill spoke at the Vergennes Rotary Club and their team is practicing for Bocce
  • Spence was happy about the Rotary Social and excited his sophomore grandson made it to varsity soccer
  • Rebecca is excited to have closed on their house on August 14th, her dad is retiring, and David is taking over the website so she can focus on the wedding
  • Mike thanked Ellie for her help with the Auction and those who have already volunteered
  • Paul thanked Neil and Liz M for help with the flags
  • Neil thanked the Flag Fairy who helped pick up flags
  • Maureen thanked Buzz
  • Heather had a great time in Vegas for the Adele Concert
  • Liz thanked Heather for bringing Sem to the orientation
Guest Speaker: Gary Sarachan
Spence introduced Gary, who has been a member of Rotary for the past 4 years, helps with the Special Olympics, on the select board, and President for Habitat for Humanity
Gary discussed a few main terms we are currently hearing in the news. He started with explaining “Grand Jury”. The grand jury is assembled in districts regionally and there are 94 districts and 23 people in a jury. The time commitment depends on the case. The grand jury listens to the evidence for probable cause that the defendant committed the crime. “Probable Cause” meaning the “more likely than not”. During the grand jury, the defendant is not allowed in the court, but there is a government lawyer and no judge. Once a probable cause is found – there is a indictment.
Gary then talked about the Pre-Trial motion in which the defendant gets “discovery”. The defendant has the right to see everything the government will use for the case. There is the Brady Rule in which the evidence the prosecutor will use is required to disclose exculpatory information (sometimes helps the defendant). Under the Giglio Rule, they must turn over the witness list and information about the witnesses.
Gary then talked about the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) case pending in Georgia. RICO was enacted by Richard Nixon. This was used for gangs, drug trafficking, etc. RICO cases include a situation in which the defendant is involved in an enterprise through which there is interstate commerce and a pattern of racketeering activity. This also includes mail fraud and web fraud which often includes fake non-profits getting donations across the country to purchase yachts.
Gary answered a few questions regarding “Superseding Indictments”. This is when more evidence is needed and a new indictment is added (theft, drug trafficking, etc)
Gary is happy to answer any questions and talk more about law! He may be willing to give another talk in the future.
Cow Tag – 74, Jason S