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Feb 19, 2020
Impact of childhood memories on adult life
Feb 26, 2020
Vermont Families in Transition, Inc.
Mar 04, 2020
Mahana Magic Foundation
Mar 11, 2020
Mar 18, 2020
to discuss upcoming projects
Mar 25, 2020
Climate Action in the Nordic Countries
Apr 01, 2020
Helping to Fix the Old Middlebury Cemetery with Rotary
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NEXT MEETING-February 19, 2020

7:15AM Rosies

SPEAKER: Niki Glanz, author and former member



Feb. 19, Niki Glanz, author and former member

Feb.26 Irene Poole, Vermont Families in Transition, Inc.

March 4, Monica Marshall, Mahana Magic Foundation

March 11, Liz Smith, Opiods

March 18, Club assembly

March 25, Fran and Spence Putnam, Climate action in the Nordic Countries


MINUTES OF THE MEETING-February 12, 2020


Betsy McAshley:

Rotary song

Pledge of Allegiance





Linda Seward, Paul Seward, guests of Cari

Anna Bennett, guest of Liz (granddaughter

Beckey Loeb, today's speaker



Kathy Nilsson-Feb. 15


Rotary Anniversary


David-Feb.17-23 years

Eric-Feb.17-31 years

Liam-Feb.17-26 years

Nancy-Feb.17-24 years

Karl-Feb.17-52 years




Betsy-Board meeting Feb.18, 5:15pm at Municipal meeting room.

Judson is stepping down as Flag Coordinator. New volunteer or volunteers needed . Think about it for next week discussion


Geoff-Bylaws pertaining to finance updates voted on and approved.

Circulated list of donors to our Auction last year for members to sign up to solicit this years. Also any new donors are also needed. Handed out new brochures.


Lyn- Contact her or David if you would like to be on a  team to offer gardening services for auction.





Scott-Had a story about his Jamaica trip. He met a member of New England Patriots. Possible speaker at our Gala Dinner.

Liz- Happy to have her granddaughter, Anna, with us today and also Becky Loeb, today's speaker.

Bill Brooks- Had cataract surgery in January at Porter and is happy with results.


Raffle: Bill Brooks won again!





Liz-Introduced Becky Loeb, Resource Coordinator for the State of Vermont Department for Children and Families. Becky trains caregivers for foster care. Currently there is 90 children or youth in foster care. People are needed to provide respite care for foster parents with breaks so they can relax and re-energize for short periods of time such as a few hours or even a few weeks.

Anna spoke very emotionally how Becky and the Agency has affected her life and her success to where she is today.

Thank you Liz for sharing this journey that you have experienced so that we all are aware of the services available and the challenges that you have gone through to support your family.




Minutes submitted by Jim Needham