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March 1st - Rotary Birthday Party (Middlebury Inn) 
March 8th - Club Assembly 
PRESIDING: Spence Putnam
  • Narges Anzali (Speech Contest Speaker) 
  • Ata Anzali 
  • Tara Martin
  • George Martin
  • Evie Fuller 
  • Liz Marino
  • Geoff Conrad
Rotary Anniversary: 
  • Paul Horn (3 years) 
Classification Talk: Judy 
Judy was born and raised in Middlebury and worked in the insurance business. She has a son and granddaughter in California that she loves to visit.
Judy has been volunteering since 2005. She first started with the Red Cross in Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina and helped with cleaning, passing out water, and giving stuffed animals during the Holiday to families impacted by the hurricane. Judy was deployed elsewhere helping with bulk distribution, feeding and as a case worker. Additionally, Judy went to India to join a local Rotary Club in administering Polio Vaccines and then later went to Haiti with Make-A-Wish Foundation to build a cinderblock homes. Judy has had years of Service Above Self - thank you Judy! 
Fun fact about Judy, she took the scenic trip from VT to L.A. CA to visit her son by train (without the sleeping cart). 
Group Updates:
  • Spence - Rotary Birthday Party
    • March 1st from 5-7 p.m. at the Middlebury Inn. Come celebrate Middlebury Rotary's 96th Birthday 
    • All are invited and see you there! 
  • Ata Anzali - Community Bake Sale 
    • This event will take place on March 5th from 11am-2pm at "Gather" and all proceed will go to help with the Turkey/Syria relief. If Rotarians would like to donate to the sale or stop by, please do so! 
  • Spence - Rotary Relief Funds - Turkey/Syria
    • Please visit or to donate to the relief funds. 
  • Jason - Speech Contest 
    • Jason is also looking for representation on Tuesday, March 7th at the Vergennes Rotary to listen to speeches and support. (Strong House Inn at 7:45a.m.). Jason will send an email to the club to ask for RSVPs.
  • Maureen - CACO Grant 
    • The application went live and feel free to share with others. The deadline is March 15th and the website is updated.
  • John - District Grant
    • Working to identify a grant project. A few main ideas include:
      • HOPE - food distribution for schools
      • Hannaford Career Center - Buzz is checking if there are any needs
      • Addison Allies - can we do anything to support quality of life for migrant workers
      • Open Door Clinic - do they have any needs
      • MALT/TAM - this could be an on-going project and we could possibly get a mobile tool shed to help clean up trails. 
      • CVOEO - checking to see if there are any needs
      • Public Restrooms (checking with Gather)
Fines and Happy Dollars
  • Neil - Late 
  • Jason S - Late 
Happy Dollars:
  • Liz M - Excited for her Birthday and matched Geoff's Birthday contribution 
  • Neil - Happy he didn't get a speeding ticket on the way 
  • Liz S- Thank you for the speech and bringing the contest back 
  • Spence - Proud of the speech contest
  • John Barstow- Thanked Judy for sharing and for her years of service
  • Heather - Narges was incredible and thank you for bringing this awareness...and suggested Jason for hosting an international student 
  • Jason - Impressive speech and impactful. Also thank you to his wife who helped pack the HOPE bags 
  • Lyn - Unfortunately, her friend was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, but she will be moving to Middlebury for care. 
  • Sylvie - Excited to be at UWAC!
Speech Contest: Narges Anzali
Jason introduced Narges and thanked Tara Martin for her help to find students and support them with their speech.  This year's topic was DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) and why it is important to Rotary principals and the community. 
**Please note this is a summarized version of Narges' speech. Her speech was filled with passion and personal experiences. 
Narges started her speech explaining that they only diversity she saw was herself and her sister at school. Narges moved to Middlebury and was raised here by her parents. She was raised to love and respect everyone for who they are and she did not understand why that was not always the case in the community. Narges explained that Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is needed as a tool of the future and present to take strides to make this a better community. She believes that no one should feel uncomfortable, experience mockery, and feel "othered" in their community. Luckily, Narges has joined the BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) affinity group and like minded people with similar experiences. She gave an example of when people express how surprised they are that Narges speaks English so well...
Narges reiterated that DEI efforts are needed to make the community a better place and that no child should feel "othered" or "less than others". 
Thank you Narges! After the speech, Spence did a mini-interview and asked Narges about herself. Narges is currently a judge on the Haiku contest in Weybridge and also very involved in the community. She expressed that VT is "a bubble of safety, slowness, and maple" and somethings go overlooked because there is so little diversity. She expressed her love for the community and there is opportunity for growth. 
Cow Tag - # 17 (Sylvie)