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Sylvie Choiniere
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Monday June 26th Change over Dinner at Hollander's Home, 400 Halladay Rd 
July 5th at Rosie's, Club Assembly 
PRESIDING: Spence Putnam
MINUTES OF June 21st, 2023 
  • Ron Hallman, Elderly Services
  • Ely Fuller (Ben's daughter)
  • Mark Friis, Rotarian from NC
  • Terry Ryan, not present
  • Tim Hollander, who will give $80.00 for his 80th birthday. 
Rotary Anniversary:
  • Scott Needham, 17 years 
  • Liz Smith, 18 years
Wedding Anniversary:
  • Fran Fraga, 45 years of marriage
  • Spence reminded the club to sign up for the change over dinner and he is still looking for people who feel they deserve recognition for their participation throughout the year.
  • John Barstow, who will be our new President, will have his first regular meeting July 5th at Rosie's.  It will be held as a club assembly and he will be looking for ideas from all members on what we would like to see in the coming year.
    He is planning on sending out members satisfaction surveys.
    July 12th meeting will have Colleen Brown 
    July 19th meeting will have Homes First, discussing Tiny Homes
    He will be asking members for other ideas and help getting speakers throughout his year.
  • Mike wanted to remind members the Auction will be coming up and we should be thinking about what businesses and places we will be approaching for donations.
  • John Metcalf told us that he and David Clark help Meals on Meals and they could really use, at least, one more volunteer.
  • Geoff let us know our district grant has been approved and advised we will be doing another two food shelves this year at HOPE, one in July and September and will be needing at least 5 volunteers.
Fines and Happy Dollars:
  • Late Fines;  Jason and Eric
  • Buzz fined for picking up flags late. Eric mentioned he picked up some flags leaning against a tree,  Neil said he rode his bike to pick up his flags and then went back to pick up with truck they share and may have missed some.
Happy Dollars: 
  • Ben happy for his great Father's day
  • Eric went to the District Change Over Saturday at Lake Morey, it was great event.
  • Liz mentioned we should all think about Maggie Quinn with having Elderly Services as our speaker today.
  • Paul gave a Happy $10.00 for the cruise they went on and the good news they received about his wife's cancer being gone.
  • Maureen, happy Kristin and Ron are here to speak today about Elderly Services and for the "magic of Rotary" saying Home Health have had two new full-time employees move here and could not find places to live and in reaching out to fellow Rotarian's they now have a couple leads. T. Tall being one of them.
  • David Clark, Happy the fireflies are out, T mentioned when he was growing up in Baltimore, he used to collect the fireflies and sell them to John Hopkins where they were researching "why they can project their lights".
  • John, Happy for the summer solace
  • Spence thanked everyone for giving him support and having confidence in him throughout his year as President. He felt John will do a good job taking over.
Guests : 
Ron Hallman introduced our speaker Kristin Bolton who is the new Executive Director of Elderly Services.
A flyer had been handed out giving information on how to contact Elderly Services, giving contact information and brief description on different services they provide. Their website is and phone # 802-388-3983.
Kristin spoke about how excited she is to be taking on the role of Executive Director July 1st . She has been with them as Assistant Director since 2009 and states it is the best place she has ever worked. She described the three programs they offer, which are:
  1. Elder Education
  2. Help for families and caregivers caring for Elder's
  3. Adult Day services
She went on to talk about the many different activities they provide including music, exercising, educating, socializing and much more. She also mentioned the wonderful food that is served to them every day, made primarily by Jack Brown's daughter, Missy. 
She mentioned they are still masking and limited on van drivers currently.
They are open 5 days a week Monday through Friday 7AM to 7PM.
She ended by thanking our Rotary Club for all our support throughout the years and took questions from the Club.
Cow Tag#26 (Buzz)
MINUTES SUBMITTED BY JUDY BROWN (sent by Sylvie Choiniere).