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                  Display of U.S. Flags                                   
                  To promote patriotism and to raise funds
                  for charitable use in our community,
                  the Club erects and takes down an American flag
                  for 5 national holidays:
                                     Memorial Day Weekend 
                                     Flag Day (June 14)
                                     Independence Day Weekend 
                                     Labor Day Weekend 
                                     Veterans Day (November 11)
                  Subscriptions may be taken for a business or an individual, to
                  honor a veteran, or to honor friends and family. 
                  Click the various flyers to your left for complete information.
                  The cost is $50 per year (5 displays).                  
                  Local charities are selected annually to benefit from your
                  generosity and patriotism.

                  Contact:                            Nancy Foster
                  Phone:                              (802) 989 2772