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Rotary Club of Middlebury is helping neighbors reduce home heating bills this upcoming winter by working with Window Dressers to provide window inserts to insulate drafty windows.


These insulated inserts prevent cold winter air from entering your house and prevent heated air from escaping.  The results?  Lower winter fuel bills and a more comfortable home.


Low-income households in the Middlebury area can receive 10 free window inserts. The inserts are custom made for each window and are easily removed for storage once winter is over. 


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Northshire Public Access TV, of Bennington County Vermont, Highlights Insert Installation

GNAT, the Greater Northshire Access Television, in Bennington County Vermont recently released this short piece on how to install an insert and the benefits they provide – even on new construction!



Other Vermont communities which are building window inserts:


Thanks to Maggie Eaton of New Haven Builds and Window Dressers for text and photos.