Would you consider being a host Family?
Every year the Rotary Club of Middlebury accepts applications for outbound youth exchange students from MUHS.  In return, we accept inbound youth exchange students from around the world who then attend MUHS for the entire academic year.
These inbound students need host families to stay with.  It is preferred, but not necessary, that the home has children approximately the same age or at least of school age.   Students generally stay with a host family for approximately 4 months although some stay with a family for the entire school year.
2018 Regional Exchange Students at Mt. Washington Summit Meeting
This is a very enriching experience for both student and host parent/family.  In order to continue the registration process for school as well as obtaining travel visa, host families must first be identified. 
If you are interested or would simply like more information, please contact Bill "Buzz" Kernan via phone at (802) 279-1315 or by email at kernan.william@yahoo.com
Rotary International and the Rotary Club of Middlebury provide a number of opportunities for students to study or visit abroad.
In-district exchange with Quebec for 4 weeks in the summer
             This program is currently on hold.
1.                Applications are open for summer exchanges prior to the close of each academic year.
2.                Students must be 15 1/2 years old. 
3.                Students must have completed at least one year of French or
                           be reasonably fluent in French.
4.                Freshmen, sophomores, and juniors are eligible to apply.
5.                The dates for Sherbrooke, Quebec and Addison County have
                            not been set.
                           They will likely be the end of July and early August.
6.                Two weeks will be spent in the home of a Quebecois student
                           in Sherbrooke and two weeks in an Addison County
7.                The Rotary Club of Middlebury, in co-operation with the
                           Quebec clubs, will provide transportation.
8.                 Appropriate health, insurance, and security forms must be
9.                The cost for a student is to provide housing for a Quebecois
                            student; there are no additional costs.
For further information about the Quebec exchange, contact club member David Clark at  rotaryclubofmiddlebury@gmail.com
Long term exchanges (an academic year)
1.                  Applications are now online and can be found at https://yehub.net/ESX-obapp.
2.                  Student must be 15 ½ years old by August 1st.
3.                  Students go to non-English speaking countries only.
4.                  Application fee is $750 for the family and $500 for the Club.
5.                  Student must pay for visa, health certificate, life insurance,
                     etc. (approximately $500-$800).
                     Some countries, such as France, have additional fees
                     Student must also pay for airfare.
6.                  Host club must agree to receive a foreign student and
                     provide a monthly stipend to the student of $125. 
7.                  There are 36 countries which participate in long term
Short term exchanges (for 6 weeks in the summer)
1.                  Applications are now online and can be found at https://yehub.net/ESX-stapp.
2.                  Student must be 15 ½ years old.
3.                  Students go to non-English speaking countries (there is one
                     exception – a student may go to Australia for a short term
                     exchange but this would be done in December).
4.                  Application fee is $500 for the family and there is no charge
                     for the Club.
5.                  Student must pay for visa, health certificate, life insurance,
                     etc. (approx. $500-$800).
                     Some countries, such as France, have additional fees.
                     Student must also pay for airfare.
6.                  The student will return with a foreign student and be housed
                     by the host family.
7.                  There are 36 countries which participate in short
                     term exchanges.
For further information about long or short term exchanges, contact club members Ben Fuller or Bill Kernan at  rotaryclubofmiddlebury@gmail.com
Our Rotary district is in a consortium of other Rotary districts in New England.  The consortium is called ESSEX – the Eastern State Student Exchange.  This organization matches students and does most of the paperwork. 
Our Rotary District 7850 has its own application form.  Our district does not use the application form on the ESSEX website.