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Press release
Rotary Club of Middlebury
March 4, 2019
David Clark   388-9792
High school students who want to experience life in a French speaking household are encouraged to apply for the Rotary Club of Middlebury’s free youth exchange program with the Rotary Club of Sherbrooke, Quebec.
“This is a great opportunity for students to meet others their own age in a slightly different culture,” said club president Judson Hescock. “Our first exchange was three summers ago.  It’s close to home and still culturally distinct.”
Student(s) will be matched with the same age and gender students in Sherbrooke, stay in her/his home for two weeks, and then host the Quebec student Addison County for two weeks.  Dates will be scheduled in July and August 2019. At least one semester of French is recommended
Rotary will organize the exchanges and provide transportation if requested.  Other than hosting another student, there is NO cost to students. 
Rotary values international exchanges and wants to make this opportunity available to all high school students in Addison County.  Those who are home schooled are invited to apply.
For further information and to apply, email David Clark at